THE WHOLE WORLD OF PARKING MANAGEMENT multi-tenant parking made easy!


    Does your office building have a parking facility that is used by multiple tenants? Then you already know that this can lead to unwanted situations. For example; people who park their car in a spot that is not meant for them, or visitors who can’t even find a free parking spot. With Scheidt & Bachmann’s you can make sharing a parking lot with multiple businesses much more efficient and user friendly.

    With this Smart Solution you can assign a maximum number of parking spots to each business or user group. Only the registered license plates will gain automatic access to the parking facility by using license plate recognition. They then can park in any available spot. When the maximum number for that certain group has been reached, the barrier will remain closed. Off course it is possible to reserve specific parking spots for visitors or board members within those assigned spots.

    Little effort, great pleasure

    This simple system, consisting of a barrier, license plate recognition camera, passage terminals and online application, makes sharing your parking lot child’s play. It requires minimal operational handling, but offers a high level of service and manageability to its users. The modular construction of this Smart Solution is what makes it’s very accessible and offers a Basic, Premium and Excellence package. Depending on the options that offer you the most value.

    Parking facility = revenue

    Cities are becoming more busy every day and the demand for parking facilities keeps growing. When your parking facility is not in use on weekends, it can be very interesting to generate extra revenue by opening it to paying users. Excellence gives you the control to easily switch to a paid parking facility outside of business hours. The access system can easily be extended with different payment functions. This way you can get the most out of your investment and you’ll never have unused parking spaces again.


    With the help of different add-on’s, can be configured specifically to your wishes. So, it is possible to receive payments through a check-out app, make reservations through our reservation module, control all the user groups from one place through the central reception module and the VIP tenant module.

    Do you want to know more about the possibilities that offers and how they are applicable to you? Let us know, so we can make your parking facility as user friendly and efficient as possible.